Help Freedom Destiny Recover from Hurricane Irma

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FLORIDA – Pastors Adam and Candice Smithyman and their Freedom Destiny Church (FDC) family in Jacksonville continue to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Irma’s record breaking devastation. Less than two months have passed. The news cycle quickly keeps moving forward making those of us unaffected by the hurricane forget. The world did stop for Hurricane Irma survivors as they continue to experience unimaginable loss. Let’s remember them and help.

Concerned, One Focus Network (OFN) leaders were in phone communication as possible with the Smithymans as Hurricane Irma approached. Thankfully none of the FDC family lost their lives or were seriously hurt. They did experience significant loss to homes, vehicles, clothing, and belongings. Many had to find safe places to stay. For some returning to their home is a distant dream. At least one church family lost their only car and have no financial means to replace it.

The featured picture shows the Smithymans coming up to their home in a boat on September 11th. They had just moved into it this past June. They were forced to escape by boat when Hurricane Irma’s flood waters made their door impassable. Through it all, Pastor Adam shared, “[God] HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. We all have a real life experience to glean from and share a bond with many in the world of going through a tough time and staying faithful and grateful to the LORD as HE gives us strength.”

One Focus continues to rally its members throughout the United States to help FDC financially as well as keep them covered in prayer and calls of encouragement! Let’s continue to pray and give generously. Freedom Destiny Church will use your gift as they help hurting members and surrounding neighbors. Imagine how hard it would be to clean the soggy mess that was your home while trying to figure out if you will need to find a different job since so many businesses flooded. Let’s help Freedom Destiny be a light in the darkness!

Financial gifts can be:
1. Given Online
2. Mailed to Freedom Destiny Church, 1241 Blanding Blvd., Suite 25, Orange Park, FL 32065

Thank you!

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