Engaging with the Ukrainian Church

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Undoubtedly you have heard about and are following the conflict in Ukraine. Beyond politics and national government, this conflict is impacting the people of Russia and Ukraine. More specifically it is impacting the local church in both of those nations. It is a moment that has had a life-altering impact on those leading the charge to bring the gospel to both the countries in Ukraine and Russia.

As a local church network that is a part of the global Church, we felt it appropriate for us to engage this moment with what’s going on in Ukraine; specifically how it is impacting the Ukrainian Church. 

This past week through a personal network connection we were able to connect with two national leaders in the Ukrainian church: Ivan Rusyn president of the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary and Fedir Raychynets, the dean of the Department of Theology there. In addition to their work with seminary students, they are active pastors who are in the throughs of ministering to their members and soldiers in this time of chaos.

Two of our pastors chatted with these leaders to see how they are doing, to hear some of the gospel stories that aren’t going to be heard on mainstream media, and how we as a network can be engaged with them in prayer and support. 

Below is a link to the recorded zoom call, I hope it can bring some insight into the situation there. Furthermore, there is a link to give to their ministry there if you feel led to. We are administrating all financial gifts through Staunton Grace; they will process every financial gift and send to the ministry in Ukraine on the network’s behalf.

Consider taking a moment to listen and I pray that it moves you to pray and support.


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