CORE Church Planting Initiative Launches

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VIRGINIA – The One Focus Network’s CORE Church Planting Initiative had an exciting launch in January! With hearts to plant churches in the United States and abroad, 12 men and women gathered together at a relaxing oceanfront home for two days of training.

Dr. Dan Backens, network senior director, Pastor Merle Shank of member Grace Covenant Church in Harrisonburg, VA and Dr. Jayce O’Neal, pastor of member RED Church in Virginia Beach, VA led sessions and discussions. “Church planting is the most effective way to evangelize in America,” Jayce said. “With around 4,000 churches closing every year, there has never been a greater need for more churches in America.”

OFN’s church planting initiative is called CORE.
CORE stands for:
C – Church Health (Vision, Values, Theology)
O – Organizational Health (Systems & Procedures)
R – Relational Health (With Church Leaders and others)
E – Emotional & Spiritual Health (With Self and God)

Becca Slye and her husband J.J. came from Harrisonburg, VA. She commented, “Pastor Dan’s talk on doctrine (amazing!!), and he took such a unique approach to his talk on Dreams and Visions (life changing!!). Jayce’s talk on personality types was extremely helpful and enlightening! It was also really great to have the opportunity to ask specific questions about our personal situation with church planting and getting the groups feedback and suggestions. So much wisdom in the room!”

This training was the first of four modules that the students will wall through this year. Module 2 is in June.

Jayce shared, “I am blessed to have been blessed by many people in my ministry journey: Dr. Dan Backens, Dr. Corne Bekker, Dr. Joseph Umidi, Pastor Kevin Turpin, Pastor Wayne Buechler and even learning ministry early on with my dad, Keith O’Neal. These men and many others have taught me so much over the years, whether they know it or not.

“The biggest “aha moment” was when I discovered that ministry was far more fulfilling and fun as I helped other people fulfill their dreams than try to train them to fulfill mine.”

If you are interested in more information or jumping in time for Module 2 in June, attendance is by invitation and referral. Please call 757-233-8578.

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