there is power in unity.



One Focus Network launched July 1, 2017 to advance life-giving churches throughout the United States and around the world. Its rich history comes from the strong foundation of two former church networks — Grace Network and New Life Ministries International.

Unity of vision, mission, leadership, and finances enables congregations to make a more significant impact than any of the congregations could make on their own. 

Network Members

One Focus Network consists of churches, missionaries, and trans-local ministries. Our hearts beat with a passion for Christ and the expansion of the Kingdom of God throughout the world making disciples of all nations.

Abiding in the Vine Family Life Ministries, Inc.

Barbara A. Ward
Newport News, VA
757-593-2968 |

Big House Church

Pastor Adam & Lindsey Cates
Norfolk, VA
757-652-3230 |

Face to Face Fellowship

Pastor Jason & Kimberly Benedict
Virginia Beach, VA
757-375-3964 | [email protected]

Freedom Destiny Church

Pastors Adam & Candice Smithyman
Orange Park, FL
904-272-2266 |

Freedom Fellowship Church

Pastor Kurt & Suzanne Wallace
Dale City, VA
703-878-4320 |

Global Outreach Church (GO)

Pastors Chris & Dahlia Cunningham
Virginia Beach, VA
757-966-0312 |

Grace Covenant Church - Harrisonburg

Pastor Merle & Sue Shank
Harrisonburg, VA
540-433-9244 |

Grace Covenant Church - Roanoke

Pastors Chris & Nikki Stup
Roanoke, VA
757-540-342-8464 |

Kingdom Living Ministries

Pastors Ron & Vanessa Battle
Newport News, VA

Living Faith Christian Fellowship

Pastor Mario & Joyce Biazon
Virginia Beach, VA
757-519-9763 |

Living Word Outreach Ministry

First Lady Kimberly Jernigan
Virginia Beach, VA
757-717-7984 |

Lords Valley Community Church

Pastor Bob & Sue Misiak
Lords Valley, PA
570-493-1645 |

Macungie Christian Community Church

Pastor Rex & Sue Cox
Pastor Bill & Michele Lutzko

Macungie, PA
610-966-2382 |

New Beginnings Fellowship

Pastor Kent & Ardyth Yorgey
Allentown, PA
610-432-0701 |

New Covenant Christian Community Church (NC4)

Pastor Jack & Trish Groblewski
Bethlehem, PA
610-861-7725 |

New Life Church

Pastor Dan & Rhonda Backens
Virginia Beach, VA
757-227-6930 |

Nueva Vida

Pastor Juan & Brianna Milla
Virginia Beach, VA
757-333-0686 |

Piedmont International Church

Pastor Stephen & Kari Townsend
Greensboro, NC
336-852 5588 |

Power International Center of Hope

Pastor Helen Turpin
Buffalo, NY

R5 Church

Pastor Kirby & Tara Anthony
Charlotte, NC

RED Church

Pastor Jayce & Erica O'Neal
Virginia Beach, VA
757-228-1502 |

River Oaks Church

Pastor Kevin & Lynda Strite
Harrisonburg, VA
540-801-0085 |

Staunton Grace Covenant Church

Pastor Steve & Jane Paulus
Staunton, VA
540-886-8076 |

Truth & Grace Ministries

Pastor Tim Martin
Broadway, VA

The Village Church

Pastor James & Jackie Taylor
Portsmouth, VA
757-393-2247 |

Whole Word Fellowship

Pastor Pitts & Mary Evans
Oakton, VA
703-620-5484 |


one focus: kingdom expansion

One Focus Network's heart beats with a passion for Christ and the expansion of the Kingdom of God throughout the world.


three primary initiatives:




church planting initiative

C: Church Health 
O: Organizational Health 
R: Relational Health
E: Emotional & Spiritual Health


Prayer at the launch of CORE.

equip --> prepare --> launch

Our neighborhoods, cities, and regions need a host of diverse life-giving churches. One Focus is committed to seeing churches planted all throughout the world via dynamic Apostolic oversight and deeply satisfying relationships.

Comprehensive training and preparation is essential. The task is great and a clear process and launching mechanism are required. CORE is that training mechanism.

The timeframe for completion varies by candidate. The entire process can be completed as quickly as 9 months for a candidate who is motivated and well-equipped to pioneer a new church. For other candidates, however, the process may take 12-24 months.

Ideally, the church planting candidate will come from a sponsoring One Focus Network church. It is possible for a candidate to come from the “outside” with no prior One Focus affiliation. In those cases, the initiate and educate stages are even more critical to ensure connection and participation in OFN.


CORE follows an 8 stage process:

  • Initiate

    Understand the calling

  • Educate

    Foundational stages

  • Assess

    Discover, analyze, and train

  • Pre-Launch

    ARC coaching and OFN equipping

  • Team Development

    Assemble church plant team

  • Fund

    Matching and loan program

  • Launch

    Licensing, sending, and launch service

  • Relate

    Post-launch coaching and trouble-shooting


leadership training initiative

Intensely Practical

Impact weekends are inspiring, relevant, and intensely practical.  The instruction includes interactive lectures, videos, Q & A, and small group discussions. The teaching and training is lead by various One Focus Network pastors and leaders.

The relationships forged in each cohort will prove as vital as the skills and insights acquired. This allows leaders from One Focus congregations to learn from each other and aid in forming relationships that bond congregations together.

Impact weekends:

  • Long-Term Timeline

    8 weekends over a 2 year span

  • Rotating Locations

    Each weekend is hosted at a different One Focus Network church

  • 8 Topic Syllabus

    Each weekend is unique and refreshing


church refinement initiative



Thrive weekends bring One Focus to your congregation.

The goal is to help each church re-strategize, re-evaluate, and re-focus their ministry. This will take place over a span of three weekends that will include a series of conversations, data gathering, observations of ministry, and prayer. These weekend will take place on sight and will include interactions with the churches staff, eldership, and lay leadership. This is to help provide an accurate sense and recommendations based on relationship formation and insight gained by on-sight interactions.

We believe that through these weekends, that OFN will be able to provide apostolic, pastoral, and prophetic insight into the church’s most current setting. Thrive will focus on providing insight and guidance in three primary areas of the church: Leadership, Structure, and Ministry.

Thrive weekends:

  • 3 Weekends

    Friday - Sunday each weekend

  • At Your Church

    One Focus comes to your congregation

  • 3 Areas of Focus

    Through the lens of interviews, obversavations, and assessment


Executive Team

Advisory Council

Network Members

Believers Church of Redlands - Redlands, CA
Big House Church - Norfolk, VA
The Renewal Church - Pittsburg, CA
Erie Christian Fellowship Church - Fairview, PA
Full Circle Church - Harrisonburg, VA
Global Outreach Church - VA Beach, VA
Grace Covenant Church - Harrisonburg, VA
Grace Covenant Church - Roanoke, VA
New Beginnings Fellowship - Allentown, PA
New Covenant Christian Community Church - Bethlehem, PA 
New Life Church - VA Beach, VA
Nueva Vida - VA Beach, VA
Nueva Vida-Newport News - Newport News, VA
Power Int'l Center of Hope - West Seneca, NY
RED Church - VA Beach, VA 
River Valley - Herkimer, NY
Staunton Grace Covenant Church - Staunton, VA
Whole Word Fellowship - Oakton, VA

Activate your passion for Kingdom growth.

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